Friday, January 11, 2019

NCAA Men's Basketball Top 30 Rankings 1/11/19: North Texas Gets Some Love

A lot can change in a couple of days, as now we've seen the number of unbeaten teams cut to two. I put some faith in a few teams, and while some pulled through, others let me down...(I'm looking at you Houston..). The picture is slowly becoming clearer with the NCAA Tournament just two months away. With just a couple of key games tonight, namely Big Ten games, not much should change on this list until the post-Saturday marathon of games. Here is the January 11th edition of ROS's Top 30 rankings.

Format: Current rank (Previous rank)

1. (1) Duke (13-1)

2. (2) Michigan (16-0)

Michigan continued its undefeated streak by beating Illinois 79-69 on the road Thursday.

3. (3) Virginia (14-0)

Virginia also kept its undefeated streak going by hammering Boston College 83-56, the defense continues to impress.

4. (4) Tennessee (13-1)

5. (5) Texas Tech (14-1)

6. (6) Gonzaga (15-2)

Even though Gonzaga isn't playing great opponents now that they are in WCC play, they continue to impress by doing the only thing you can do in their situation: keep dominating the opposition. Since their losses to Tennessee and UNC, their average margin of victory is 41.5. Stunning.

7. (7) Michigan State (14-2)

8. (8) Virginia Tech (14-1)

A team I decided to double down on in our first rankings, and they survived a road game against Georgia Tech on Wednesday. Their biggest test comes next Tuesday at Virginia.

9. (9) Kansas (13-2)

Kansas answered big time after losing Azubuike for the season and rebounded from their loss to Iowa St by beating TCU 77-68 on Wednesday.

10. (10) North Carolina (12-3)

11. (13) Florida State (13-2)

FSU benefits from a couple of losses above them and a win over Miami. They have a big home game tomorrow against Duke.

12. (14) Nevada (15-1)

Nevada responded from their blowout loss with a blowout win over San Jose State, hopefully the loss to UNM was just a bad night.

13. (15) Buffalo (14-1)

Also moving up thanks to losses by teams above them. They have an average margin of victory of 23 points in their first two games in conference play.

14. (17) Kentucky (11-3)

15. (18) Marquette (13-3)

Pulled off one of the most miraculous victories Wednesday night against Creighton, trailing by 5 with 2.0 seconds on the clock...managing to tie the game and eventually win in overtime. Unreal result against a good Creighton team. A win is a win..

16. (12) Auburn (11-3)

Suffered a loss to an Ole Miss team who is suddenly on the rise. They'll suffer a drop for that, but I'll soften the blow by saying that Ole Miss is beginning to look like a contending team.

17. (11) Houston (15-1)

Willing to offer some mercy to Houston as well after letting me down. A tough road loss to Temple that would sting even if it weren't their first loss of the year. Their next game is big, as great teams need to be able to respond well to losses. See Kansas for example.

18. (22) Iowa (13-3)

Picked up a solid road win against Northwestern on Wednesday. A big home game against an OSU team coming off a loss is next for the Hawkeyes.

19. (21) Mississippi State (12-2)

20. (20) NC State (13-2)

21. (24) North Texas (16-1)

I'll keep putting my money where my mouth is as long as UNT keeps winning. This team keeps getting over looked, and I want to make it clear to people and the AP voters that they are making a mistake. Keep winning, and they'll have to notice you eventually...(Right UCF?)

22. (23) Indiana (12-3)

In action tonight against Maryland, I'll definitely move them back ahead of UNT with a win tonight.

23. (NR) Ole Miss (12-2)

Big win over Auburn vaults them into the Top 30 Rankings. Next up is a big rivalry game on the road against Mississippi State.

24. (16) Ohio State (12-3)

A close loss to Rutgers on the road on Wednesday. They'll have Iowa up next on Saturday, a great redemption game.

25. (19) TCU (12-2)

Couldn't come up with a win against a wounded Kansas team, maybe this shouldn't drop them so far, but they needed to take advantage of the situation Kansas was in.

26. (25) St. John's (14-2)

27. (26) Wisconsin (11-4)

28. (27) Arizona State (11-4)

Picked up a win over California on Wednesday and has a soft schedule over the horizon.

29. (28) Villanova (12-4)

30. (29) Furman (15-2)

IN: Ole Miss
OUT: Louisville

Also considered: Oklahoma, Temple, Maryland

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